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Leak Detection

If you  suspect that your pool or spa has a leak contact Frontline Pool and Spa Services LLC Today! Our Certified Leak Detectors will promptly come to your rescue. We have all of the High Tech gadgets that will assist us in our thorough process to determine exactly where your leak is. Upon payment receipt you will receive a professionally written explanation with pictures and methods used. If you would like a repair after that we can provide a professional quote for those as well.

Leak Detection: Services

Professional Equipment for Professional  Services

We use the most advanced Leak Detection Equipment so that we can promptly diagnose the site of your leak. Upon the completion of our detection process we will provide a detailed explanation of our findings.

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Underwater Light Testing

We will dye test your light fixture and conduit to see if this is one of the places your pool may be losing water.

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Main Drain Leak Testing

Sometime your Main drain or Bottom drain may be leaking. During our comprehensive leak detection process we will do both pressure testing and dye testing to rule out, or find your leak here.

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